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Direct Patient Care

Rising Together Healthcare offers a range of specialized medical services aimed at addressing complex healthcare needs of adolescents, young adults and adults. Our approach involves close collaboration with patients and their families, fostering a deep understanding of their concerns and working together to create personalized care plans that are unique to each patient. Recognizing the significance of patient education, we empower our patients with knowledge, enabling them to advocate for their health and make informed decisions. Our commitment extends beyond treatment to creating an environment where patients can actively participate in their well-being, ensuring a holistic and supportive healthcare experience. We actively collaborate and coordinate treatment with our patients’ healthcare teams. Please note Primary Care services are not available at this time. We strongly encourage every patient to have a primary care provider that we will partner with.

​There are limited in-person appointments available on Thursday mornings. Most visits will be conducted virtually through a secure telehealth platform. To schedule an appointment, click the appropriate link below.


  • New Patient Initial Visit - 60 minutes (50-minute visit, 10-minute care coordination): $600

  • Former Patient Initial Visit - 45 minutes (40-minute visit, 5-minute care coordination): $375

  • Follow-Up Visits:

    • 30 minutes (25-minute visit, 5-minute care coordination): $250​ (Standard)

    • 45 minutes (40-mintute visit, 5-minute care coordination): $375

    • 60 minutes (50-minute visit, 10-minute care coordination): $500

  • Additional time (if available) billed in 15-minute increments ($125/15 min)

  • Form Completion: $25/form; includes prior authorizations (request in patient portal)

Parent/Caregiver Coaching

At Rising Together Healthcare, we offer virtual parent and caregiver coaching services backed by medical knowledge and tailored to meet your family's needs. Our goal is to provide evidence-informed knowledge, tools, and support to strengthen your family's relationships and address your adolescent's specialized healthcare needs. Our approach considers family (in all forms) as the core of adolescent and young adult well-being. Our expertise covers critical areas, including general adolescent health and well-being, eating disorder care, relative energy deficiency in sports (RED-S), LGBTQIA+ support, among other domains. To determine if coaching sessions are right for your family, book a free 15-minute consultation below.



  • 60-minute coaching session + 2 email responses per session: $400 

Healthcare Consultations

Dr. Monge offers individual and group consultations for healthcare professionals. Using her vast knowledge and experience in health topics such as eating disorder management, reproductive health, general adolescent and young adult health. Consultation is considered educational and tailored to each session and is not medical management nor does it involve any exchange of identified protected health information. Consultations are conducted virtually through a secure platform. 


  • Individual Consultations: $100/30 minutes

  • ​​Group consultations: 60-minutes: $600/hour

Speaking Requests

Dr. Monge speaks to a variety of audiences on wide-ranging topics including communicating with adolescents and young adults, eating disorder awareness and prevention, building community in challenging environments, leadership amidst adversity, among others. She is recognized as an engaging, honest and effective communicator and will work with you to build a message that is consistent with your goals. 


  • Rates vary, please click the link below to inquire.​

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